Fair Life – August 8th: Top 10 Must’s at the 2012 Iowa State Fair

Fair Life, is a featured series I’m writing on the 2012 Iowa State Fair. I’m going to try to post something different each day I’m at the fair that features some behind-the-scenes looks at different aspects of the state fair along with factual information.

Today I’m listing 10 things you should do/see while you’re at the fair! How many of these things have you done?

5) Ride the Skyglider. The skyglider is a relaxing way to take in the view and enjoy a sunset behind the grandstands and the midway.
4) Ride the Windstream Tram. If you’re tired of walking, hop on the Tram! The tram constantly runs throughout the fair, although there might be some delays on the nights when they have the horse events going on. I enjoy taking a lap around the fair every night once I get off of work on the tram, and just watching all of the people!
3) Play in the Fountains. Here you can see many kids play in the water on a hot and sunny fair day. Release that inner-kid still inside of you! Have fun and cool down!
2) Eat Barksdale Cookies!
1) Eat something on a stick! Did you know that there are over 50 things on a stick? If you aren’t into something on a stick, just have fair food in general!

5) The fireworks after the grandstand show! (If you’re still here this late!) The grandstand usually gets done around 11. I personally like to watch them from the eco-hill area.
4) See the Bill Riley Talent Show. Along with the Share-The-Fun show put on by Iowa 4-H’ers in the 4-H Building, you too can see some of Iowa’s most talented performers performing various acts on the Bill Riley Stage everyday at noon.
3) Visit the Cultural Center and look at the Open Class Photography. You can see the amazing photography that youth and adults took throughout the year. Even if you have 1 photo showed here, you are outstanding, because the statistics are strongly against you. There are only about 300 photographers that have at least a picture accepted out of the 4000+ photographers.
2) Visit the air-conditioned 4-H Building! In the 4-H Building, you can see the projects ranging from photography to can cows that Iowa 4-H Members took to their county fairs that was selected the best of the best. The 4-H Building also features a cooking competition and a robotics challenge! There are also communications exhibits such as hands-on working exhibits, educational presentations, and even our version of the Bill Riley Talent show, that we call Share-The-Fun going on almost everyday!
1) Visit the Butter Cow and the other butter sculptures! This year’s special butter sculptures feature Snow White and her Seven Dwarfs. You can learn more about the butter sculptures by reading yesterday’s post.