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I have had a passion for photography ever since I took my first picture in 2000. My passion has quickly advanced my skills. I started doing freelance events for my paper and other organizations when I was a sophomore in high school. While in high school, I shot several senior photo sessions, three weddings, and many other events. The portfolio below has some of my most prized photographs I have taken through the years.

Award Winning Photography

I have received many prestigious awards for my photography work including:

In the News

Additional Galleries

I have started posting my photos up on Flickr (2012-2013 Football Season) while the rest of my photos can be found on my Facebook Page.


I have many years of experience in video production. I have worked with Adobe Premier, Adobe Premier Elements, Final Cut Pro, and iMovie. Below are several videos that showcase my work in video production.

Video Portfolio

I produced the Team Neutrino season wrap video primarily using b-roll and photos that I shot and gathered over the course of 4 months with Final Cut Pro.

The 2013 Iowa State 4-H Council wanted a music video to show off at their State 4-H Conference. I was given a super short timeframe of a half-a-day to shoot the video and capture the audio. Each part of the music video (audio & video) was separately captured. Once I spliced the audio together in Audacity, I exported it into Final Cut Pro, where I cut and overlaid the video and b-roll.

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