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I like going to conferences and events and meeting people! (Social Bug!)

esri UC Spatial Outlet

For those of you not at the UC (and for those of you who are), here is a gallery of the items (shirts/etc) being sold at the spatial outlet, so you can nicely ask your co-worker (or boss) to pick you up something! Special thanks to Dave Scheirer for sending them!

Notes: The pillow is $10 ~ Map Book is $24.95 ~ Cycling Shirts $59 ~ Green Hoodie $18

Updated: MapMan shirts are only in youth sizes now… Adult sizes sold out…

Wednesday Notes…

*NOTICE: I will work on getting my notes posted, as time allows… Hopefully I’ll have them current later today… Keep your eye on @iageokid for info…*

**FYI: Come join the esri UC backchannel to win some cool prizes via @dtsagile…***

10:15-11:30 – Floodplain Modeling and Management
Integrating GIS and Climate Change into Flood Risk Mapping

Flood Analysis and Mapping for Prince George, British Columbia

1:30-2:45 – Map Makeovers: How to make your map great, Charlie Frye and Jim Herries
Workshop PDF Workshop PPT

2011 esri UC – Tuesday Sessions

8:30 – GIS for flood analysis
Jesse Rozelle, FEMA Region VIII – Minot, ND 2011 Flooding

Pre-marked at-risk buildings 10+ ft water depths at red points 3-4 day turnaround Analyst Pictometry heavily used Measurements Analysis Final model High prioritization of buildings Detailed flooding output (x12) Depth to first floor Economic loss analysis

-Pre-marked at-risk buildings
-Quick turnaround time (3-4 days)
-Measured depths at each structure and mapped them
-Heavily used Pictometry to evaluate buildings, specifically the foundations and for measuring # of stories
-Final economic loss estimated $125 million damage to residential and $30 million damage to commercial
-Geoeye captured Minot, ND and is on the ND Flex Site, with more data coming soon.

10:15 – GIS for atmospheric science
Greg Gaston, UNA – Severe Weather Patterns in the US from NWS Warning Polygons

... when the tornado sirens went off, we ignored them like we always do... AWIPS Problems... Tornado patterns Some states issue warnings faster then others Dixey alley 2011 tornadoes - so far

-Tornadoes are showing up in historical clusters
-22,258+ polygon warnings
-Some states issue warnings faster then others do
-There IS a Dixey Alley

Gatewing Northrop Grumman NAVTEQ TerraGo Incident Response in the back of a fire truck Redlands fire truck

Some cute photos from the day
The dog that speaks python

ESRI UC and California..

I am lucky enough to attend the esri UC this year, thanks to the City of Ames who graciously gave me one of their registrations. I am looking forward to attending the technical sessions and learning more about ArcGIS for Android and ArcGIS 10.1. I entered 2 maps in the Map Gallery (Panels 1185 & 1286), so feel free to look at those. Stay tuned here for more updates from the UC. To see a livestream click HERE (Note: I won’t be streaming live all the time, so you might catch a pre-recording)

Also, I have been on summer vacation since last Saturday, enjoying the sights and sounds here in San Diego. I have been a freak and have taken a TON of photos, and am SLOWLY trying to weed down some photos to post online.

Tedx Des Moines

Today was Amazing! I talked with some amazing people! Social connections is the KEY! I talked with Charlie Wittmack (Friend of my Cousin’s). He climbed Mount Everest. I guess he is going to be doing a world triathelon now! Another I talked to is the superintendent of Van Meter Schools, John Carver. They have implemented 1:1 laptop program that is going well. We hope to get one of those going here in Nevada as well. The first two were speakers. I also talked more with Leigh Zeitz. Leigh is an Associate Professor of the Instructional Technology Division – Dept. of Curriculum & Instruction at UNI. I also met up with a High School Junior from Cedar Rapids. Tanner is interested in futuristic technology where humans interact MORE with each other (face-to-face) with technology. I’m hoping to get Tanner a tour over at ISU’s VRAC and HCI. I think that Tedx and Ignite are GREAT ways to get your social network built up and interact with other’s who carry the same interest as you do! See my brief notes here. I’m hoping to rewrite the notes. I’m also planning to add in notes from twitter tweets.

Tedx Des Moines

2:18 pm: mike from raygun starts off tedxdesmoines
2:24 pm: John carver
– teachers are facilitators
– wikis, blogs, ning
– moved from consumer of info to creator of info
– quiet kids are
– direction came from the SCHOOL BOARD!
– challenged to become a GLOBAL school!
– every child is looked on individually
– laptops are like a chorus…
– 15 current school
– 30 schools next year
– sigourney has business classes that lend $2500 out to students to have start ups!
– 1 of 4 schools on the PLANET! ( 1:1 laptops and virtual reality)
– NOT Turning out teachers with tech stuff
– need to do a tech project to graduate!
– Setting up times next fall for visits
– we are creating a tech ready workforce
– used 1cent sales tax money or plant and something levy…
– lease so you can get most current tech
– students are in contact w/ engineers at mechdyne, Rockwell collins, universities
3:05 pm: Christian workplace 2020
(from his eldest daughter Emma – 8 born on same day as iPod)
– different looking plants
– flying cars
– different food
– blur monkeys
– different creatures
– digital natives & imigrants are going to be in the workforce (issues)
– by 2020, 76 m boomers will be retiring
– by 2020, 60 m new workers
– 16+ m. Jobs?
– challenges
– in 2020, 52% of workers will be older than 45
– nearly 13% of all us workers will be self employed
– health care – #1
– finance and it – #2
– science and tech – #1
– digital natives and immigrants
– skype, wave, Twitter
– tech will help
– humans work best face to face
– diversity
– skill set (set)
5:15 pm: the third space
– we spend so much time trying to find happy people
– graphs…..