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The Value of CES & 4-H…

Hello all,

I’m writing to you with a need. If you haven’t heard, the US House of Reps’ H.R. 1 CR is proposing cutting $217 Million from NIFA’s budget. This is more than 1.5 times greater than the 10.3% cut proposed in overall non-defense discretionary spending. The largest proposed cuts in NIFA are $29.8 million from the Smith-Lever Program, which would harm America’s 4-H Clubs (which provide positive youth development to over 6 million of America’s youth) and other Cooperative Extension programs that help farmers and ranchers grow more food and consumers eat nutritiously.


I have a feeling if these budget cuts did get passed, it would end up looking like Lane County, Oregon did. There were VERY SAD kids, because of this. If this didn’t move you, I don’t know what will. These kids’ futures will for sure be impacted. So PLEASE WRITE YOUR REPRESENTATIVE ASAP and do your part to make happy kids!

Contact your representative here!

!!The Reason!!

The message is to encourage Congress and the White House to treat the Cooperative Extension budget line (Smith-Lever) the same as other formula funding lines by restoring the Smith-Lever line to FY10 levels similar to all other formula fund lines in the budget. The request is for you to highlight and share success stories in your state, by you and by your constituents so as to develop a clear picture of nationwide support for Cooperative Extension . We need your stories of impact and success as expressed by you and your constituents in the social media to make this work. This effort is being done in parallel with the other more traditional efforts of mail, email, and face-to-face contact with Congressional representatives. Both actions need to be taken for maximum effect. House
Members are in recess this week and may be back in their district for meetings.

The Impact 4-H has had on My Life

4-H has impacted me in MANY ways! I LIVE FOR 4-H! I have been able to become a much better person. I have learned valuable leadership and presentation skills. Because of 4-H, I have been able to have an impact on the national level. I’m currently working with National 4-H Council. I would NEVER be where I am today without 4-H. So, PLEASE SUPPORT 4-H!

Here are a few links for more info on the impact of not receiving more funding:

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The Revolution of Responsibility – What AMAZING projects 4-Hers are doing

News article from LA: Proposed Budget Cuts would Hurt 4-H

Update 1/5/11


I’m writing a quick post of recent happenings that have been going on…

The first was a national honor. The great people over at National 4-H Council wrote an article on what I have been doing in 4-H with GIS! You can read that HERE. I also heard from them today, that they may be interested in my story for The Revolution of Responsiblity, which would make it go even MORE national!

Speaking of national, I also heard today that I was selected, along with 8 other 4-H youth, to be on the National 4-H Council’s Strategy Focus Group. I don’t have much more information, except it sounds as if we will help refocus and strategize Council’s priorities. Will share more about this later, as the information becomes public.

The fourth is that I’m SUPER busy! I’m currently coordinating the construction of a website that is funded by Reach Out Iowa and ran by the Iowa 4-H Tech Team. I have put many hours into this project, and we haven’t even hired a coder! Some may say that a website is EASY to build, but in reality, a GOOD website takes MANY weeks and maybe even months to build! Hoping to have the site ready for beta at the time that the Iowa 4-H Leader’s Retreat is held, February 11th and 12th. I am hoping to launch this site around April 1st!

Speaking of the Leaders Retreat, I’m on the planning committee for that TOO! I’m gonna help take pictures, be tech support, AND another presentation! I’m presenting on Technology in the 4-H Club meeting. So if you have any ideas, feel free to share them with me – david at runneals dot com

I can’t forget school! I’m going to be starting another ISU class on Monday in Computer Science learning about algorithms and Visual Basic… I imagine this will be MUCH funner then the class I took last year, which I learned MS Office in, what a DRAG! I’m currently looking at taking an online GIS class this summer, which will count as one of the 5 classes required to get a Certificate (I’m hoping, and kinda aiming to get all those classes done by the time I’m a senior in High School, and HOPEFULLY I can get my certificate either right after graduation OR  right around the time I start college!

Some of you are thinking, “REALLY?!? And your HOW OLD?!?!?” – I hear ya! I’ve been REALLY busy trying to keep up myself! Will be REALLY glad when school gets done in a few months, so I can do EVEN MORE with the wonderful 4-H I’ve grown up to LOVE and other projects!!!! (And that answer to that question you asked me, “Yes, Really! And I’m 16 & a Sophomore!”)

I think that is all for now! Hope I haven’t bored you too much. Until next time, D.