Fair Life – August 9th: The 4-H Building!

Fair Life, is a featured series I’m writing on the 2012 Iowa State Fair. I’m going to try to post something different each day I’m at the fair that features some behind-the-scenes looks at different aspects of the state fair along with factual information.

We have been working VERY hard the past 3 days to get the 4-H building ready for you to come visit and enjoy all of the Iowa 4-H projects and excitement! The building got a bit of a facelift this year. Check out our new entrance on the West side of the building! If you are looking to come to the 4-H building, we open at 9am, so you still have a bit of time to wait before the doors open.

Here is a behind the scenes look at how the 3 days of pre-fair played out…

Day 1 (Monday): Move in day!
Today we moved EVERYTHING into the 4-H Building that we use during the county fair. We literally “move” the Extension 4-H Office from Ames to Des Moines for the next 2 weeks.

Day 2 (Tuesday): Judging day!
Today all the static exhibits were brought in by their respective counties and judged by MANY judges! This is where the projects get their ribbons and awards.

Day 3 (Wednesday): Finishing touches day!
Today we finished judging and dusted the dust off all the exhibits and swept the floor the final time before all of you came in to see the projects!