2012 National 4-H Week is October 7th-13th!

What do you plan to do during 4-H week? I plan on actively participating in 4-H activities. To start things off, we have a State 4-H Council Retreat that goes from the 6th to the 7th. Then later in the week (Thursday-Sunday), I’m going down to Wichita, Kansas to participate in the North Central Region 4-H Volunteer Forum where I’m going to learn about 4-H from the other side (the leaders point of view) and offer my insight into that as well. Feel free to comment below what you are doing during National 4-H Week to promote 4-H!

I encourage you to call your fellow club members up and coordinate “dress-up” days at your school. Here is an example of what your school week could look like:

  • Monday: “Promotion Day” – You could make an announcement during your daily announcements about 4-H and National 4-H Week! Don’t forget to mention how they can get involved in 4-H (by contacting their local extension office) along with all the other dress up days that you are planning at your school this week.
  • Tuesday: “Club Day”  – Wear your club shirt to school. If others come up to ask you about your club, talk about all the awesome and interesting things you do in your club, that you can only find in 4-H.
  • Wednesday: “4-H Day” – Wear a 4-H shirt to school. Did you know that 4-H has an impressive list of 4-H alums? Chances are, you’ll probably find many people that you may know that were never in 4-H! Also today is the 4-H National Youth Science Day Experiment. Talk with your science teachers about conducting this exciting and fun experiment no matter what grade you’re in!
  • Thursday: “Revolution Day” – What is your Revolution of Responsibility? Post about it on your Facebook, Twitter, and other Social Media pages (don’t forget to tag it with #4h and @iowa4h!
  • Friday: “Project Day” – Dress up with what 4-H means to YOU. Whether that means wearing a livestock show number if you’re into showing livestock, or a shirt you got that has flowers or rockets on it if you’re into gardening to technology. The sky is the limit this day!