Fair Life – August 7th: Butter Cow

Fair Life, is a featured series I’m writing on the 2012 Iowa State Fair. I’m going to try to post something different each day I’m at the fair that features some behind-the-scenes looks at different aspects of the state fair along with factual information.

How many of you have heard of the one and only Iowa State Fair Butter Cow? How many of you have seen it?

If not, watch the video below where I interviewed Sarah Pratt last year and talked with her about 4-H and the Butter Cow! Did you know last year was the 100th birthday of the Butter Cow? Man, that’s one OLD cow!

This year’s butter special butter sculpture is of Snow White and her Seven Dwarfs, along with the yearly Butter Cow. Watch for photos as I’ll try to include them in this post, but am not making any promises.

Sarah Pratt – Iowa State Fair Butter Sculptor.