2011 esri UC – Tuesday Sessions

8:30 – GIS for flood analysis
Jesse Rozelle, FEMA Region VIII – Minot, ND 2011 Flooding

Pre-marked at-risk buildings 10+ ft water depths at red points 3-4 day turnaround Analyst Pictometry heavily used Measurements Analysis Final model High prioritization of buildings Detailed flooding output (x12) Depth to first floor Economic loss analysis

-Pre-marked at-risk buildings
-Quick turnaround time (3-4 days)
-Measured depths at each structure and mapped them
-Heavily used Pictometry to evaluate buildings, specifically the foundations and for measuring # of stories
-Final economic loss estimated $125 million damage to residential and $30 million damage to commercial
-Geoeye captured Minot, ND and is on the ND Flex Site, with more data coming soon.

10:15 – GIS for atmospheric science
Greg Gaston, UNA – Severe Weather Patterns in the US from NWS Warning Polygons

... when the tornado sirens went off, we ignored them like we always do... AWIPS Problems... Tornado patterns Some states issue warnings faster then others Dixey alley 2011 tornadoes - so far

-Tornadoes are showing up in historical clusters
-22,258+ polygon warnings
-Some states issue warnings faster then others do
-There IS a Dixey Alley

Gatewing Northrop Grumman NAVTEQ TerraGo Incident Response in the back of a fire truck Redlands fire truck

Some cute photos from the day
The dog that speaks python