2013 National 4-H Week – Tuesday: Favorite Moment in 4-H – #3

I have seen my friends post about their favorite moment in 4-H, so I thought I would post mine, as this was my last year as a member. The good problem I have is that I have been blessed to have multiple favorite moments while in 4-H, so I’ll be posting 3-4 “Favorite Moments” this week, followed by things I’m looking forward to in the future.

2012-2013 Iowa 4-H Council

This is the first of my last 4-H experiences. I was so excited that I was selected to be in this group that helps plan our yearly State 4-H Conference, run a fundraiser that is the only 4-H’er led fundraisers like that in the country, called “4-Hers for 4-H”, where clubs would contribute money to our group for the next year’s budget. Over the course of the year, our group designed the 2013 State 4-H Conference from the ground up, through planning the theme and design concepts, selecting keynote speakers, making the schedule, and promoting the conference. Even though we all had our differences, in the end we all came together and executed the super awesome 2013 State 4-H Conference (along with a great choreographed production)! In addition to learning how to plan a conference, I developed close relationships with many of the ambassadors, which were really hard to leave. I can’t wait until my 1-year, 5-year, and 10-year reunions! 🙂 Also a special SHOUTOUT to the people who make Council so great… Brenda, Cayla, Matt, Alison, & Kurt!