Summer Internship – Day 3

So wow! I’ve only been in the office for only about 20 hours this week, and I’m already caught up on my project that I’m working on  (developing a layer of non-tillable lands). So far I’ve drawn 917 polygons (according to the object ID count in the attribute table in the geodatabase. Tomorrow, I’m going to work on the building footprint layer for the rest of Story County, and will be working on that until my boss’s boss draws on some more maps of what I need to mark out.

Also today, was a really nice employee appreciation lunch that was AMAZING. I got to see some faces I knew and talk with a few other folks from other buildings and departments. I almost forgot to mention me and my boss were laughed at a few times b/c we apparently wore the almost exact same shirt today. How coincidental? lol.

While I was working today, I found some interesting things, below is just one of them.