Summer Internship – Day 1


Where has the summer gone?!?! I can’t believe it! My summer days of fun have come to an end already. There have gone the days when I can sleep in and stay in my PJs ALL DAY LONG! 🙁

Today I start my GIS Internship at Story County Assessor’s Office! I have worked here last summer as a volunteer internship, but my efforts of working with them have finally paid off and I’m getting paid this summer! I look forward to finally getting a co-worker in my office (my boss). Last summer, I was working in the Assessor’s Office conference room. I’m most looking forward to the dual monitor setup this year. Last year I had only a single monitor, and that was a real pain working on my projects that I did.

This summer I’m looking forward to finally finishing the Countywide Building Footprint layer that will be implemented with the E-911 system and other maps that I started last summer and the intern before me worked some more on.

I won’t ever complain about this job (except maybe for the dress code) because I’m doing something I’m PASSIONATE about, I’m making the world a BETTER PLACE one MAP at a time, and I’m paying it forward for my future career paths. I’ll try to update about all the fun projects I’m working on throughout my internship.