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Exciting map@syst project

I have been asked by eXtension map@syst to help pilot a project. I have a feeling the project is going to become something like a Ning group, but on the eXtension platform. I think this will be VERY nice, so youth in geospatial can ask the professionals when they need help, and also help each other out. They just asked me last night to do this, so I don’t know much more then that, not even what it looks like! I will be posting more as I know it here. I KNOW there will be some issue with confirming that the people who sign up are ACTUALLY youth. We had this issue when I was working to help plan out, the now dying, ACCESS 4-H. Although I LOVE how Iowa 4-H has done their Ning group, where they fwd requests to area personal, who can contact the counties to confirm membership.

Women in Technology

The facts about women in Technology is amazing.
57% of 2008 undergrad degree recipients were women. This is an amazing percent! Women take over the men in undergrad degrees!! This shows a few things, 1) Women are getting more educated then men, 2) If women were to continue on the path of education at this rate, more women would be more educated to take on higher jobs in the workforce. This means that, potentially, women have a chance to take men over in the work place. They could also push more people into the Science, Engineering, and Technology sector, which has been dominated by men for a while now.
18% of 2008 computer and info sciences undergrad recipients were women. This percent is a good percent to be at, but it needs to grow. I, personally, would like to see this percent to grow to be higher and more even. Women need to work harder to make this field grow!
56 % of AP test takers are female. This too, is also an amazing percent. Women are on top of men again!
51% of AP Calc test takers are female. This is a great percent to be at! This shows that women are advanced in the Math field. After the Math field, comes the Tech field. The percentage here is a good number, but it would be nice to see it rise. 17% of AP Computer Science test takers were female. This is a start women! You still have to keep on trucking! If the 17% graduate, this will add to the Tech field, which is a great sight to see!
28% of Computer Scientists (2008) were female. This is an AMAZING percent. Women hold almost 1/3 of the Computer Scientist positions! It would be extremely nice to see this number climb to 40 and 50% in the future.
Technology is a growing and very demanding field. I think that these statistics show that we ALL under estimated the number of women in the STEM fields. I would like to thank Sarah Cofer ( for providing the facts from NCWIT Summit on Women and IT (

Tedx Des Moines

Today was Amazing! I talked with some amazing people! Social connections is the KEY! I talked with Charlie Wittmack (Friend of my Cousin’s). He climbed Mount Everest. I guess he is going to be doing a world triathelon now! Another I talked to is the superintendent of Van Meter Schools, John Carver. They have implemented 1:1 laptop program that is going well. We hope to get one of those going here in Nevada as well. The first two were speakers. I also talked more with Leigh Zeitz. Leigh is an Associate Professor of the Instructional Technology Division – Dept. of Curriculum & Instruction at UNI. I also met up with a High School Junior from Cedar Rapids. Tanner is interested in futuristic technology where humans interact MORE with each other (face-to-face) with technology. I’m hoping to get Tanner a tour over at ISU’s VRAC and HCI. I think that Tedx and Ignite are GREAT ways to get your social network built up and interact with other’s who carry the same interest as you do! See my brief notes here. I’m hoping to rewrite the notes. I’m also planning to add in notes from twitter tweets.