Homework and other thoughts…

I don’t get my homework. I don’t.
I want to know why you teachers assign it to us. I think it is torture, especially out of a stupid book. I think teachers need to broaden their horizons, and use more online resources. I have this assignment that is due tomorrow that requires us to go online to the US FWS website, and find endangered and threatened species. I think more teachers need to do this. I think this is a start. I believe that teachers are scared to do this sort of assignment, because most students don’t have internet at home. That is WHY there is something called a PUBLIC LIBRARY! Our public library has BOTH wifi AND computers. My math teacher is taking the lead, by assigning projects for each chapter in the book. The last chapter, she required us to use some sort of technology (animoto/google docs/etc) to show a problem solving problem. More teachers need to be like her. (although she has a laptop cart in the classroom, a Promethean whiteboard, and since her room is the ICN, an ELMO sort of thing (using a celling mounted camera). Another teacher using it is my Natural Resources Teacher. He so far has used his GPS units. He also required us to do a project, and a few did theirs in powerpoint. Last of all is my world history teacher. He has us complete a few inclass assignments, where we go down to our IMC, and visit mrdonn.org… this is the ONLY site that he uses, which I think is kinda annoying. I say give the students questions, and let the kids go find the answers (using different sources), and then record the sources.

Those are my thoughts… I still have some BORING book work tonite to complete, so bye!