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Fair Life – August 6th: ISF Food on a Budget

Fair Life, is a featured series I’m writing on the 2012 Iowa State Fair. I’m going to try to post something different each day I’m at the fair that features some behind-the-scenes looks at different aspects of the state fair along with factual information.

Since I’m going to be LIVING at the fair for 2, that’s right, TWO FULL WEEKS, I’d thought I’d share with you what I like to eat and my usual meals (That won’t break your budget.) I eat almost all of my meals for <$5! Here’s my secret places to get great fair food, with great prices, and support local organizations & farmers!

Breakfast: There are 2 options for Breakfast at the Iowa State Fair.

Option 1 is the Turkey Grill. The Turkey Grill has an amazing breakfast item that’s only a $1! It is a turkey link on a stick with a pancake around it (much like the pancake and sausage on a stick, but instead of sausage, it’s turkey!). They also garnish it with some powdered sugar. You sure can’t beat the price, while supporting Iowa’s Turkey Farmers!

Option 2 is the Methodist Church Food Stand. Nothing can beat the cooking of the local church goers who’ve all been blessed as great cooks. (Sorry, I couldn’t resist) Anyway, they make a mean Biscuits and Gravy ($4), and their service is speedy as well!

Lunch: There are also 2 options I usually have for lunch.

Option 1 consists of the Beef Quarters. This is where longtime broadcaster Mark Pearson hosted The Big Show. It’s here that I like to order the Hot Beef Sunday. The Hot Beef Sunday consists of mashed potatoes, gravy, cheese, pulled beef roast slices, and a tomato on top.  Come support Iowa’s Beef Producers!

Option 2 consists of my favorite place, the Iowa Pork Tent! It’s here where I get my mouth-devouring pork! I have been hooked on the Pork Loin sandwich the past few years. Also here are the delicious pork-sliders! Both are under $5! It’s here where you can learn more about the people that produced your delicious meal, support Iowa’s Pork Producers, and maybe even catch the next president or a congressman! Did you know that a fairgoer receives a pork product EVERY 4 seconds?

Dinner: Dinner is pretty much the same as lunch, but I usually go to the other place.

Treats: There are many places I like to go have some amazing treats…

Barksdale Cookies are #1. I might even go as far as to say they beat Cookies Etc. They come in cups or buckets. The cups are $4 and the bucket is $15. This year I’m going to try to get a BUCKET of them! Screw the cup, you only live once! It’s not the state fair if you don’t eat unhealthy!

Po Boy’s Sweet Potato Fries are my #2 favorite “snack” at the fair. They are tastey, delicious, and somewhat healthy.

Fair Life – Featured Series

Hi All,

I don’t know if you know this or not, but I’m going to be working (and living) at the 2012 Iowa State Fair… A DREAM of mine come true! I’m going to be working there the 6th through the 19th! While working and living there, I’m going to try to write a feature post each and everyday of the fair that includes some photos and interesting facts. The series is going to be called, “Fair Life“, and is scheduled to be released every day (August 6th-19th) at 8am here. As of right now, I currently have the 6th, 7th, and 9th days done, but I could use your help. Do you have any suggestions of places I should feature? Tweet me with your suggestions!